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The Toddler Environment

The Roll of Parents

New Leaf Montessori school welcomes you and your child to our toddler community. Our program is designed to meet the special needs and tendencies of children 2 - 3 years of age.

Dr. Maria Montessori realized that once a child stands upright and walks he experiences a “second birth”. Having experienced the independence of free movement the child is able to move into the larger social community.

The Toddler experiences a biological necessity to move. The rapidly developing bones, muscles and nerves demand exercise. Gross motor control and large muscle movement are an integral part of the Toddler program.

Language activities are equally important, as the child from birth to three is the most sensitive period of language development. Throughout the day, vocabulary enrichment is developed with real objects, language cards, songs, stories and conversations.

Toddlers develop movement and self-help skills through practical life experiences such as food preparation, care of plants, carrying chairs, rolling mats and sponging tables. They are encouraged to dress and undress themselves. Through observation the children develop an interest in toilet training and are encouraged to use the toilet independently. This is a gradual process that is handled with great sensitivity.

The environment is divided into several specific areas that are used for movement, eating, an area for cognitive materials and the bathroom. In each area materials are provided to foster coordination and control of movement, articulation of language and social interaction. The environment is designed to foster independence, trust, and individual achievement as well as a strong self- esteem. 

Independence and determination, assets of a strong personality, are developed through work carried out with full concentration. This happens through activity which completely absorbs the child and fulfills his/her urge to explore the world.

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