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The Roll of Parents

How Parents May Help

Prepare your child for school by helping him/her gain independence and responsibility in these ways.

  • Allow your child to walk, perhaps holding your hand instead of being carried.

  • Provide your child with clothing that are easy to manage independently and teach him/her to dress him/herself as much as possible.

  • Label your child’s clothing and help him/her to recognize his/her name on them.

  • Invite your child to work with you sharing cooking or other household responsibilities such as folding laundry and taking out the trash.

  • Teach your child bathroom hygiene and the importance of hand-washing. Provide a stool if necessary.

  • Encourage your child to use common courtesies, “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”, etc.

  • Encourage your child to make eye contact while speaking to others. Speak normally with your child and listen to assist in the development of communication skills.

  • Prepare your child for going to school by assuring him/her it will be a pleasant place and that he/she will enjoy the activities there.

  • Break dependent habits like bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups that are not available in the classrooms.

  • Give your child some experiences of being away from you before school opens so that staying at school without you will be less difficult.

  • Encourage your child to take care of his/her possessions and to respect the property and rights of others.

  • Help your child to put away toys and other possessions. Make sure there is a special, easily accessible place for each of the possessions. Avoid toyboxes where toys are carelessly dumped. Limit the number of toys that you have available.

  • Teach your child how to handle books properly.

  • Share good literature with your child to develop language skills and the skill of listening.

  • Explain to your child that the teachers are there to help him/her. Encourage your child to respect their authority as he/she does yours.

  • Participate in parent educational opportunities, to learn more about Montessori education and how you can support your child and teacher in the home.

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