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The Role of Parents 

The Roll of Parents

The Montessori method is most effective when the parents and family are integrated into the Montessori philosophy of learning. The most significant role of the parent is to provide a structure at home in which intelligent interests and responsibility can grow.


To this end, parents need to supply a routine schedule that allows some time for developing personal interests, use discipline techniques that are consistently firm yet encouraging, and practice healthy life habits.

Parent support and involvement with the school is very important, as well. This begins with teaching your child to make attendance and punctuality a priority. Both of these are integral to your child's ability to make consistent academic progress, to develop responsibility and to establish community in the classroom.


Parent support can also include helping the child develop the habit of thinking what needs to be brought to school each day.  Parents may be further involved by attending school functions, serving as school and classroom volunteer, attending parent-teacher meetings and communicating with the school about areas of concern.

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